Registration FAQ

1. Do I have to register for an account to register my child for Year 2022?

Yes. You will need to register an account on the website before checking out. This account will be ised to pay the monthly fees online as well. 

2. Why do the website states 'sold out' when I check out, but vacancy is available for the programme?

3. When will I get my email confirmation after payment?

4. How do I make payment after check out?

5. How many students are there in a class for year 2022?

6. Is CDA allowed to make payments for the registration and fees?

7. How much must I pay for registration and what are the breakdown of fees?

(Will add in if there is more)
[5:36 am, 29/09/2021] LQK Admin Official: Administration FAQs

1. My child turns 3 in December. Do I have to wait until he turns 3 to register or registration is by Year Of Birth?

2. May I be accompanying my child on the first week of physical class?

3. What if my child is absent for class? Any make-up classes?

4. I would like to withdraw from the programme? What should I do?

5. How do I make fees payment monthly? Will I be given a receipt?

6. How do I purchase extra uniform for my child?

7. When is the school fees be paid?

8. How do I get in touch with the teachers and inform of my child's absence for class?

Curriculum FAQs

1. I want to register my child for Iqra' classes. Does LQK provide such classes?

2. Must my child enter from 3 years of age?

3. Will LQK prepare my child for Madrasah Entrance Test (MET)?

4. Is your class conducted in English?

5. How long are the duration of classes?

6. What Surah will be covered for 3 years old? (Attached LQK 3yo Curriculum)

7. What Surah will be covered for 4 years old? (Attached LQK 4yo Curriculum)

8. What Surah will be covered for 5 years old? (Attached LQK 5yo Curriculum)

9. What Surah will be covered for 6 years old? (Attached LQK 6yo Curriculum)

10. What will be covered for LQK Junior?
(Attached LQK Junior pdf)

11. Apart from Juz Amma, what will my child be exposed to during the duration of class?

12. Will there be Parent Teacher Meeting?

13. Can my 4 year old join the 3 year old class? Can my 6 year old join the 5 year old class?

14. My child has no basic knowledge of the surah being taught in a 3-4 year old progrmme and is already 5 years old, can I put him in a 3 year old Programme?

Other FAQs

1. Where are the branches for Little Qur'an Kids located?

2. How do I request for change of programme?

3. My child has autism, and I really want to send my children for Little Qur'an Kids classes, may I do so?

4. How do I sponsor a child or do wakaf etc.?